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Our Mission

We redefine the landscape of data analytics, to spark a revolution where insights and understanding are not locked behind technical walls, but are accessible to the people who can make a true difference.

Key features

Access powerful AI to Generate

Dashboard Generation

In seconds, get a wide range of high quality graphs that will illustrate your data

Report Generation

Get detailed reports about your data and obtain insights on your business

Automatic Data Integration

Between your database and you, we handle everything! You have many data sources, let us help you break these silos

Reduce the gap between you and your data

At Heron we are convinced that the decision makers and the domain experts are the ones who can ask the best questions to their data.
Our mission? To empower you by delivering those insights directly to your hands

Text to Dashboard

Our algorithm automatically interprets your natural language prompt with industry-specific knowledge, aggregate the relevant data from your database and use it to create a highly curated graph that best illustrate your business.

  • Incorporates Industry specific knowledge
  • Requires no technical skills
  • Generates Highly interpretable graphs

Text to Business Reports

We don’t only generate graphs. From natural language prompts, we can deliver in seconds highly curated business report based on your data.

  • Explains clearly statistics from the data
  • Provides advice on how to best leverage your data
  • Offers conversational features to refine and interpret your reports

We seamlessly connect
to your data sources

No database is out of reach for HeronAI. We access the data where it already is so you don’t have to worry about it. We can connect to any database, whether it is on the cloud or on-premises, and we can handle any type of data, structured or unstructured.

  • We don't replicate your data
  • We access your data with the highest security standards
  • We can connect to a broad range of third-party providers including Salesforce, Google Analytics or Quickbooks
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What Our Users Say

"We're very excited to collaborate with HeronAI, as they harness the power of Generative AI to allow us to more quickly and easily create reports and gain insights as we continually enhance our Orbit Software for MIT entrepreneurship."

Doug Williams Product Lead, MIT Martin Trust Center

"The power of this platform is palpable. The generated information is invaluable and could greatly help government agencies. This platform could revolutionize not just data tracking but smart, customized data tracking on demand. Amazing!"

Christina Dyer International Chair, Rotary

"This tool has the potential to revolutionize access to data analysis."

Megan Perry Data Scientist